AquaMap Diver

Navigation, Mapping, & Electronic Observation Recording Capability for Free-Swimming Divers

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Product Description

AquaMap Diver provides a highly precise and rigorously quality controlled navigation, mapping and electronic observation recording capability for free-swimming divers. Following deployment of three or four small baseline stations around the perimeter of a work site and automatic acoustic system self-calibration and/or GPS fixing, AquaMap Diver is ready to go. The diver is outfitted with a small graphics terminal, indicating current position against a chart display. As objects are encountered, electronic observations can be recorded at the press of a button, associating attributes with position, depth and time. 3D position accuracy is in the tenth of centimeters, and the position error is displayed in real-time. Position fixes beyond a user defined acceptance standard are rejected.

AquaMap Diver has a strong field history, with high-profile results including multi-year studies of coral reefs in the U.S. Virgin Islands that documented an episode of severe coral bleaching, mapping of pipeline outfall deposits for EPA permitting that held up to court challenges, “stealthy” abalone population studies without physical marking of terrain and many others. Customers include the USGS, NOAA, EPA, the U.S. Navy, California Fish & Game, and private organizations such as Envirotech Diving and Net Systems.


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System Diagram

Diver station (A) sends an acoustic interrogate through its sonar transducer. Three or four baseline stations (B) receive the interrogate and reply. Diver station (A) times the replies and computes the diver position from the measured distances. Information is displayed on diver terminal ©.

Key Characteristics 

  • Robust and accurate position fixes due to sea floor mounted baseline stations and good geometry

  • Compact, wireless system. All stations are self-contained

  • Quick setup with automatic baseline self-survey


Custom systems are quoted on an as-needed basis.

Technology Readiness Level


Corresponding DoD TRL: 9

Description: This product has endured rigorous testing and has been deemed commercially available.