Acoustic Release and Rope-less Fishing System


 Fast-Acting, Highly-Reliable

World's most reliable and fully-functioning rope-less fishing and underwater large inventory retrieval system. 

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  • Prevents whale entanglements 

  • Ghost fishing mitigation 

  • Gear theft protection 

  • Increased fishing reliability 

  • Time your trap release for optimal market price peaks

  • Retrieval of underwater research gear 

 Large under-water inventory retrieval

Used in the scientific community since 2003

Prevention of  Marine Mammal Entanglement

Validated in NSW (Australia) in fisheries since 2013

 Business Advantages for Fishermen

Increased reliability in higher currents, theft protection, ghost fishing mitigation and more.

Product Description

The ARC-1XD ‘extended duration’ acoustic release is specifically optimized for the operation and remote recovery of large inventories of commercial fishing gear. The ARC-1 acts as a release mechanism for an anchored buoy (any anchor weight), thus eliminating surface equipment and gear from the vertical water column. It provides the operator with real-time status feedback, and then uses a very fast acting mechanism to reliably recover the payload. Patent #US 7138603 B2



The release is armed prior to use by inserting a small length of nickel-chromium wire which constrains a lever.


Test and Deploy

The package is now submerged next to the boat, or placed in a water filled test tub on deck. A command from the deck unit confirms contact by interrogating the unit specific serial ID via testing the device and registering the GPS location. Anchor weight is attached to the bottom while a buoy or floatation (up-to 80lbs float weight) is attached on the opposite end of the top. The instrument package is then dropped to the sea floor and the boat can proceed.


As the boat approaches the GPS location, the deck box interrogates and ranges to the ARC-1. battery. Status information is returned and the distance measurements are used to position the boat close to or directly above the release. Even if an instrument moved, ranging allows the boat to be positioned for rapid recovery – in particular useful in heavy seas.


Upon command, the ARC-1 energizes the nickel-chromium wire with a safe low-voltage but very high current pulse is generated from standard 9V and/or AA batteries.. It vaporizes instantly, the lever opens and the instrument package or a buoy rises to the surface. The ARC-1 also confirms released status.

How it works

The ARC-1XD and payload are fastened to the Pot/Trap. From the vessel the unique serial is called from a surface station (STM). From the STM, the release signal is given via a transducer either in the hull of the ship or over-the-side of the ship. The burn-wire is burnt and the lever arm releases the anchor weight. Allowing the payload/buoy to surface along with the ARC-1XD. 


On Site Support 

 Desert Star Systems Advocates for and provides on-site-support (no matter where you are in the world). 

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The simplicity of the mechanism and its fast action lets you get your gear back fast and reliably, allowing you to move on to the next site and servicing many units in a working day.


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                • Instant acting release mechanism with a single moving part

                • Dimensions 57mm (2.25”) D x 550mm (21.5”) L

                • Buoyancy: slightly negative

                • Capable of supporting a buoyant force of 18kg (40lbs) with a 2x safety factor

                • Depth rating: 300m (1000 ft)

                • Battery endurance two years and 50 release cycles

                • Supports multiple deployments without battery change

                • Non-corrosive Delrin & titanium design

                • Transponder functions support ranging to the units

                • Operating frequency: 34-42kHz


Technology Readiness Level


Corresponding DoD TRL: N/A

Description: This product has endured over 50 missions successes in the field. A product with this badge represents the best of Desert Star; only the most robust and refined products are approved for the gold star.