the calibration report

The calibration report must be checked and saved for QC purposes. To obtain the report, type $B,1,CR or click on the Calibration Report in the Raw Communication window.

This is a report consistent with a good calibration:

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Check for compliance with the following QC standards:

S/N Must be a valid S/N

#91 for SGEO2 devices

#102 for ST-MOD Rev B

#103 for ST-MOD Rev C

Model numbers may vary. Check with your supervisor if unsure.

RTC Single-Point (clock error)

-50000 to 50000 ppb

Larger errors may indicate a clock circuit problem

RTC Single-Point (temperature)

12000 – 22000 mdeg C

Clock calibration temperature within +/- 5 degrees of the average world ocean surface temperature of 17 deg. C

Magnetometer Voltage Response Calibration

Valid range: 6500 – 16000

Successive numbers generally larger.

A drop at the 2300mV reading down to 9500 is OK

A successive number up to 100 units smaller than the previous number is OK

Magnetometer Gain-Offset Calibration

A numerical result for axis X,Y, and Z.

Calibration Offset

0-29 ppt (parts per thousand)

A higher value indicates an imprecise gain-offset calibration. Repeat gain-offset calibration and verification