Easy & Effective Navigation with Diver Security  

With this age of technology, GPS systems have been providing drivers, pilots, and surveyors the assistance of autonomous navigation that are relied on every day. Our dive systems, the DiveTracker and Aquamap Diver, provide the same level of navigational confidence for divers by using the power of underwater acoustics. Using the DiveTracker, divers are able to be guided to their marked transmitter location up to 4,000 feet (1,220 meters) away, even in limited to no visibility! Great for night diving! These systems are all wireless, so nothing to get tangled in while diving, which make them even more valuable for divers. They provide an accurate sense of direction as well as supply a sense of urgency in case another diver is lost, in distress, or has little to no air left in their tank.

Affordable: Not only do our products offer a large benefit for your diving experience, they are also affordable compared to similar diving equipment on the market today. This allows you, the diver, to get a better underwater experience at a much lesser cost to enjoy your diving!

Make Money Using our Equipment: As an owner of our equipment, the DiveTracker, you have the opportunity to make some extra cash recommending other divers to purchase the equipment after they see it in use! View the information and sign up for our Commission Based Affiliate Program to find out how Desert Star can help pay for those costly SCUBA expenses!

Acoustic Underwater Navigation: The DiveTracker and Aquamap Diver are products that have a strong field history, being used by USGS, NOAA, EPA, the U.S. Navy, and private organizations such as Envirotech Diving and Net Systems. These systems use the power of High Frequency Acoustic Waves to get precise navigation through the waters and underwater surveying.

Continuous Diver Awareness: These systems were designed and are manufactured with divers’ safety kept in mind. The Air Pressure Alert (APA) System informs the dive team the status of everyone’s air pressure, while two of the numerous uses of the DiveTracker have been a buddy locator device as well as an emergency responder. In the instance a diver is in distress, they can turn on a transmitter and other divers will know there is something wrong and will be guided to the exact location of the diver in trouble

DiveTracker SCOUT

  • Range up to 1000 feet and depth up to 1000 feet

  • Range indicator: 3 color indicator (green, red, and green/red)

  • Maximum number of receivers: unlimited

  • Receiver cannot distinguish between multiple transmitting signals

  • On/Off: magnetic switch actuated by magnetic lanyard (provided)

  • Transmitter battery: 1 "9V" battery, receiver batter: 1 "3.6V" battery (SAFT LS 14250)

  • Transmitter size: 1.625" D x 5.375" L (9 oz), receiver size: 1.125" D x 5.375" L (4 oz).

DiveTracker SPORT

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  • Range up to 4000 feet and depth to 1000 feet

  • Range indicator: 10 element LED strip indicating distance

  • Maximum number of receivers: unlimited

  • Multiple transmitters receivers can distinguish between multiple transmitting signals

    • Marks and return multiple underwater sites

  • On/Off: magnetic rotating knob with hi/lo power options and be guided to within 5 feet from the transmitter

  • Transmitter battery: 6 "AA" batteries (lifetime: 2 weeks), receiver battery: 1 "9V" battery (6 hours of continuous use).

  • Transmitter size: 2.52" D x 5.02" L (19 oz), receiver size: 2.52" D x 5.02" L (19 oz).

Acoustic Positioning

AquaMap Diver

High-precision sea floor surveying for divers.

Uses: Precision diver seafloor surveying and electronic observation recording.

Practiced applications: Coral reef monitoring, coral reef damage assessment after vessel grounding, abalone surveys, underwater construction, marine archaeology, pipeline outflow inspections, mine clearance, diver supervision & training.

Key Features: Accuracy 10cm-30cm typical, quick setup in minutes, deploy 3-4 baseline stations, perform automatic baseline self-survey, electronic diver map, electronic observation recording using custom selection lists and number entry, position error indicated for quality control, compact equipment set, airline carry-on compatible.

Air Management and Safety 

Air Pressure Alert System (APA)

The Air Pressure Alert (APA) System provides a major advance in team air management for professional divers and dive institutions. This easy to use two-component wireless system provides divers with a clear awareness of both their own air status and that of other divers in the team. The APA removes the peer pressure of possible low air and fights inattention among divers. The tank mounted transmitter uses ultrasonic telemetry to send air status to divers within 10 meters. The BCD mounted receiver uses bright light and loud audible signals to raise diver awareness even under poor diving conditions. Within the context of proper training and use, the APA can provide all team members with a continuous and near automatic awareness of the air status of the entire team, thereby promoting a rational and safe conclusion of any working dive.