A New Age of SCUBA Navigation

No More Surface Swims

Desert Star Systems is the only company that manufacturers a diver homing system and has been doing so for over 20 years! In fact, we keep in contact with our first DiveTracker customers, and they tell us they still use their DiveTracker each and every time they dive. It is incredibly rare that we have customers sending in equipment for repairs because it is designed for longevity. The only regular servicing the equipment needs is o-ring maintenance and batteries when necessary.

Since being introduced, the DiveTracker has had its competitors though it still remains the most effective and affordable means of underwater navigation to date. The DiveTracker is used by many SCUBA, wreck, and NAVY divers as they all depend on this trustworthy system for their dives. If you are looking for a reliable SCUBA diving navigation aid then look no further! The DiveTracker navigation system is as comparable to using a GPS while driving, which many depend on to get to their destination. Turn it on and divers are on their way to their location. The purpose of the DiveTracker is simple: to improve your dive!

Built to Last

These products are durable and built to last for longevity. Read our customer’s story of how their DiveTracker was returned to them after being stranded in the ocean for over a year, and their DiveTracker still worked as brand new! Also, our customer reviews of the DiveTracker are nothing but positive! Click here to see their reviews.

How Does it Work?

One of the many great things about the DiveTracker is its ease of use! The DiveTracker is a two part system: a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is placed where divers want to know the location of (which is most likely the boat’s anchor line, though it can also be attached to a lead diver) and the receiver is used to find the location of the transmitter. The bright LEDs of the receiver are visible even in waters with poor visibility.

The DiveTracker continues to, and will always trump compass navigation, so when others are straining their eyes to look at a compass you’ll be having a clear indication of which way to go!

Typical uses for the DiveTracker Include:

  • Returning to the dive boat

  • A buddy locator device

  • Rescue diving

  • Landmarking

  • Wreck diving and exploring

  • Lobster cage retrieval

  • Night diving or diving in poor visibility

  • Photography and Videography

DiveTracker Models

The reason there are two DiveTracker models is for diver convenience. If you plan on going far distances, or marking multiple locations, than the SPORT would be the best option for you. The SPORT has a range of 4,000ft and divers can mark and return to different locations simply by changing the ping speed of the transmitter. The SCOUT has a much smaller and convenient size. It can easily be attached to divers’ BC and won’t clutter any other gear. We recommend the SCOUT model for divers who do not travel far distances and also who have to carry a lot of equipment.

It IS possible to use one DiveTracker model with the other. Please contact us if interested in this option. 

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DiveTracker SPORT

  • The SPORT has a more accurate performance

  • Range to 4000 feet; depth up to 1000 feet

  • Guides you to within 6 feet of the transmitter

  • Unlimited amount of receivers for one transmitter

  • Range indicator: 10 element LED strip

  • Mark and distinguish multiple dive locations using numerous SPORT transmitters

  • Transmitter uses 6 AA batteries and receiver uses a 9V battery

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DiveTracker SCOUT

  • Recommended for general navigation tasks

  • Range to 1000 feet; depth up to 1000 feet

  • Guides you to within 10 feet of the transmitter

  • Small convenient size can easily attach to your BC

  • Unlimited amount of receivers for one transmitter

  • Range indicator: 3 color indicator (green, red, and green/red)

  • Transmitter uses a 9V battery and receiver uses a 3.6V 1/2AA battery

Want to Earn Money Using the DiveTracker?

The Affiliate Program has been created to offer our loyal DiveTracker owners commission for getting other divers interested in purchasing a DiveTracker system, simply by using it while diving! How the program works:

  1. Sign up for the Affiliate Program by emailing a.kramer@desertstar.com

  2. Use your DiveTracker in front of other divers

  3. When the divers show interest, explain what it is and how terrific the navigation works

  4. Tell them to mention you when purchasing, and they will get $10 off and free shipping

  5. You personally get commission from their purchase

  6. Once the sale goes through, you get your commission