US Domestic Price List

 August 2015

The microMARS miniature acoustic recorder system is a perfect replacement for your old, bulky, low memory capacity, high power consuming recorder. It operates from just a single 'D' cell lithium battery or a pack of 4 alkaline Energizer Industrial AAs. It records and stores more data, is a fraction of the size, a fraction of the cost, and extremely easy to use.

All professional equipment includes a one year manufacturer’s warranty; additional warranty can be purchased. Any tampering (such as self repairs) with the components will cancel any previous or future warranty repairs. The prices below are for Domestic orders, within the USA; all orders shipped outside of the USA please add 10%.

If you have any questions about pricing please contact Josh Reed-Doyle at:

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Acoustic Recorder: Common Configurations
MM-00000 MM Standard Unit 300mm housing, 2 SD card slots, 165dB hydrophone. (MH33-1) $2,000.00
MM-00100 MM Standard Unit, Hi-Sensitivity 300m housing, 2 SD card slots, 145dB hydrophone. (MH33-2) $2,000.00
MM-01010 MM Extended Duration 300mm housing, 8 SD card slots, 165dB hydrophone (MH33-1) $4,500.00
MM-01110 MM Extended Duration, Hi-Sensitivity 300m housing, 8 SD card slots, 145dB hydrophone (MH33-2) $4,500.00
More configurations available:

All microMARS configurations come with a hydrophone endcap of your choice. However you may wish to purchase an additional hydrophone endcap to swap out with your current one. To purchase an additional endcap, please refer to the pricing table below.


Acoustic Recorder: Endcaps
MH33-1 33kHz, 165dB hydrophone $700.00
MH33-2 33kHz, 145dB hydrophone $700.00
MH33-S1 33kHz Sloped 240dB-170db hydrophone $700.00
MH33-S2 33kHz Sloped 200dB-130dB hydrophone  $700.00
MH125-2 125kHz 165dB hydrophone $700.00
MH125-S2 125kH Sloped 200dB-130dB hydrophone $700.00



The microMARS accessory kit is required for the initial order, but not thereafter. It includes a number of accessory parts including spare screws, USB hub, SD to USB stick, o-rings, silicon grease, allen wrenches, and other useful parts. It also includes the software pre-installed on a Windows laptop and tested with your equipment.


microMARS software is used to configure the acoustic recorders and download the data from them after deployment. It is built into the cost of the Accessory Kit.

$950.00 (included in MM-ACCSY)

The Windows PC that we include in the MM-ACCSY. This is built into the cost of the Accessory Kit. It is factory new with all cables, connectors, software and discs.

$500.00 (included in MM-ACCSY)


MM-H1K Extends the depth rating to 1000m on all microMARS units. +2,000.00
MM-S400 400kHz sample rate option +$1,000.00

Notice to U.S. Government Buyers

The equipment listed in this price schedule has been developed under phases 1 and 2 the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program. Under DoD rules, the dual competition of the SBIR program satisfies the requirements of the Competition in Contracting Act (CICA). Thus, contracts for product delivery or follow-on research may be awarded on a sole-source basis, without the need for further competition. The contracting officer should establish, through consultation with the prospective COTR for the proposed contract as well as the COTR on the SBIR project whether the proposed follow-on R&D or production work meets the statutory criteria for ‘SBIR Phase III’.

Warranty Statement

Desert Star Systems (“Seller”) warrants hardware products of its manufacture to be free from defects in design, workmanship and material under normal and proper use and service for a period of one year following delivery to Buyer. Seller agrees to repair or replace at the place of manufacture, without charge except shipping charges, all parts of said products which are returned, for Seller’s inspection, to its factory within the warranty period, provided such inspection discloses that the defects are as above described and provided also that the equipment has not been altered or repaired other than with Seller’s authorization and by its approved procedures, subjected to misuse, improper maintenance, negligence, or accident, damaged or had its serial number or any other part thereof altered, defaced or removed. Software is warranted to conform to Seller’s Software Product Description applicable at the time of shipment to the Buyer. Seller’s sole responsibility hereunder shall be to remedy any non-conformance of software to the Software Product Description during the two-year period following delivery. THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THOSE OF MERCHANTABILITY, PERFORMANCE OR FITNESS FOR PURPOSE.

Liability Disclaimer

By purchasing or using any Desert Star Systems product, it is agreed and understood that in no event will Desert Star Systems or any of its representatives be held liable for any personal injuries or death or damages to property resulting from its operation, or for any other damages whether direct, indirect, or consequential even if Desert Star Systems has been advised of such actual or potential damages. Desert Star Systems dive products are authorized for use only by properly trained divers. The user must understand that the products are liable to sudden failure and that any employed decompression algorithms will not eliminate the possibility of decompression sickness. Diving and other marine activities are inherently dangerous. Proper safety procedures demand that the diver or equipment user never rely solely on any single instrument, method or mechanism for his/her safety or the safety of property.

Note: These terms along with any technical specifications, warranty implications, or pricing may change without notice at any time.


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