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The Desert Star Log - NEW for 2017!    

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Full of customer stories, images, data, and new products and projects that we are working on. Please sign up and follow along as we chart new waters in ocean technology. 



SeaTag Electronic Tags

Visit our Archive to learn more about how people are using our devices and what we are doing to improve their outcome.

Inside, you will find a few stories from customers on how they use our technology on a variety of species and what we are doing to improve the use of our equipment and technology improvements. We use the Newsletters to publish examples of the data, images of the tags on fish, and new product or feature development.



AirTag Electronic Tag

AirTag-30 is our first avian satellite transmitter.  

Visit our Archive where we share customer stories, images, data, and new products and projects that we are working on. Please sign up here and follow along with our tagging adventures. 



Sea Turtle Electronic Tags

With our SeaTag-TT, our customers are able to track the progress of both baby and adult sea turtles, and see what they get up to and where they travel.

Check out our Sea Turtle Electronic Tag Newsletter Archive for more information and to see where these turtles headed. 




microMARS Passive Acoustic Recorders

Does listening to bottlenose dolphins, orcas, or snapping shrimp interest you? If so, check out our Archive .

microMARS is one of our newest products that we started shipping in early 2015 after working for a few years with biologists to get it right. You will find sound clips, application notes, new features, and stories from our customers in the Newsletter.




DiveTracker Sport and Scout devices are the tool for divers concerned with getting lost underwater as the boat departs (watched Open Water too many times), hunting the deep blue for lobster and fish, or for just the piece of mind knowing where the boat is at any time (or another diver). Check out our Archive for more.