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Marco Flagg

Founder and CEO

Desert Star is a remarkable story and a remarkable company, which I have the great privilege of leading.  Powered by a passion for the oceans, getting to where we are meant journeys of science, engineering and exploration to the most remote regions from the bottom of the mid-Atlantic to under the ice in Antarctica.  The dangers at times were potentially deadly, including a great white shark attack stopped cold by our sturdy early gear to submarine emergencies over 2800 fathoms below the seas. Today, our innovation is based on over 25 years of deep insights into 'how things work' in earth's oceans.  I split my time between field work gaining new insights often in partnership with our customers, translation of these insights into new products in our lab and leading our multi-generation company, with now its third generation of owner-operators.  At DSS we can almost certainly advise and answer your questions on matters satellite tagging, underwater acoustic monitoring, the application of acoustic releases in rope-less fishing or to deploy large instrument arrays, underwater precision positioning/surveying, acoustic communication and more.  I urge you to contact our capable team members first for a fast response and am looking forward to assist in making your project a success!  




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Adam Harvey

Production Manager

As production Manager my goals are to improve quality, reduce lead times, and bring down the cost to manufacture. Teamwork is key to our success and I am proud to be a member of the Desert Star Team.  Through teamwork, innovation, hard work, study, and much perseverance,  we constantly accomplish our goals. 'ADAPT' has been a life long motto of mine as change is always happening and necessary to remain relevant.  


After Graduating from North Monterey County High School in 1994, I started working for Mark Pastick at Kayak Connection in Moss Landing. Mark introduced me to Marco Flagg who had recently moved, Desert Star Systems, into the same facility. Marco showed me the Aqua Map System and I was so excited I told him I'd work for free for the opportunity to learn the technology. Marco told me he had applied for an S.B.I.R. and that if he won the contract he'd hire me, so I became the first employee at Desert Star Systems. I am passionate about the work we do here at desert Star Systems.



Aaron Driver

Design Engineer/Engineering Department Manager

Aaron started at Desert Star Systems in 2013 as a draftsman, and on account of innovative, high-quality work as well as obvious management skills quickly rose through the ranks to become the company's senior mechanical engineer as well as the engineering department manager.

His passion is the combination of mechanical with electronic/control & sensing design to create functionak and practical systems. he has successfully completed a plethora of projects ranging from small tag development, implementation of the mechanical elements of our SonarPoint underweater sound localization array, and an innovative machine to acquire magnetic point cloud data for precision calibartion of our geomagnetic sensing tags. Competant in Solidworks CAD, IT, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and pressure vessel design. Aaron has developed methods of tag development using 3D printed components that enable rapid adaptation of our standard tags to meet the form factor and attachment needs for specific animals or research requirements.  As engineering manager, Aaron stays on top of project completion schedules and advises and assists engineers to meet their project goals.






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Cristian Aparicio

Quality Control

 "Skydiving is a hell of a Jump (actual business next to us), yet not as thrilling as being Finance Director and Quality Control Manager for Desert Star Systems. 

My energy to DSS is too see, meet and work with organizations from different places in or other than the U.S. To me this means our products must be affordable to all our customers, And high quality produced and inspected. 

 Determined to have DSS, affordable, open, multi-dimensional and fast to all.

-Cristian "

Jacob Wolf

Marketing and Sales

Desert Star is so much more than a job, its a way of life. I was born in the Midwest and never would have imagined working at such an interesting ocean tech company. Our technology gives fishermen and researchers around the globe, the opportunity to fish smarter, research harder, and save money. Whether its a SeaTag tracking marine life, an Acoustic release saving a whales life, or one of our passive recorders showing new insights into marine mammal communication, our technology pushes innovation and insight into the abyss.


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