Electronic Timed Underwater Release Device

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Product Description

PERC-1 is an electronic timed underwater release device offering a combination of precision release timing with one second accuracy, a powerful, kinetically driven release action, a compact size and economy that supports large scale use. As a reliable one-time (or in some cases few-times) use device, PERC-1 is suitable as a backup release mechanism. On account of its low cost, it may be used as a disposable primary release device.

The PERC-1 action is kinetic and very definitive, practically impossible to defeat through marine fouling. The simple mechanism has a strong reliability record established through its established use in our line of SeaTag wildlife tags: A small burn chamber is filled with a small amount of powder that is delivered in a transport safe and legal (no HAZMAT requirements) two-component kit. A high-reliability electric ignition fires the powder, until pressure build-up causes a nylon bolt to rupture, releasing the device’s end cap. The lack of any moving parts (other than the end cap) and the powerful release provides a significant reliability advantage relative to other approaches.

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Wireless Docking Station

PERC-1 is programmed using its wireless docking station, eliminating any vulnerable connector. Release time is programmed with one second precision, and the clock drift is less than one second per day. This precision allows multiple PERC-1 devices to be triggered in a precisely defined release sequence.


Key Specifications

  • Release time programming: 1 second accuracy, < 1 second/day drift

  • Holding power: 18kg (40lbs)

  • Depth rating: 2000m

  • Size: 140mm (5.5″) L x 25mm (1.0″) D


  • Timed release of recovery buoys for fishing gear (lobster and crab pods, etc.)

  • Used as primary device or backup to an acoustic release

  • Timed backup release mechanism for acoustic releases used with scientific instrumentation platforms

  • Mission-fail / vehicle-recovery weight drop for autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV)

  • Precision sequenced flotation (by anchor drop) in underwater salvage

  • Military applications including precision timed release of safe lane marker buoys in mine clearance or precision timed release of decoys

Technology Readiness Level


Corresponding DoD TRL: N/A

Description: No further work will be continued on this product as it is obsolete. Only a significant outside investment can move a product out of the discontinued portfolio.