Published Works

Here is a list of published research involving or related to SeaTag devices. Please be aware that Desert Star will publish any research related to our devices to give you the most comprehensive picture. Please be also aware that not all use of our devices succeeds in full or is satisfactory, but that we use the lessons learned to improve our products

  • Performance of a low-cost, solar-powered pop-up satellite archival tag for assessing post-release mortality of Atlantic bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) caught in the US east coast light-tackle recreational fishery

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  • The practical use of geomagnetic field strength measurements to produce or enhance geo-position estimates for tagged marine animals in the euphotic zone and beyond the reach of daylight. Marco Flagg et. al., Fish at Night Symposium, Miami, USA, November 2015

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  • Using Pop-up Satellite Tags to Uncover Bathymetric and Environmental Habitat Selection in Lake Trout Morphotypes in Lake Superior. Frederick Goetz et al., AFS 146th Annual Meeting, Kansas City, Missouri, August 21-25 2016

  • AFS Conference Abstract