Retrieving SeaTag Data

with a non-US computer


The V2.x.x.x version of the SeaTag software suite (SeaDock, SeaWatch and SeaTrack) require that the host Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer is set to the 'English (United States)' regional setting in order to generate SeaDock and SeaWatch output data files that are properly recognized and decoded by the SeaTrack position track computation software as well as by other software such as Excel.

The PC that is included with the SeaTag starter kit is configured for the correct settings. If you prefer to use your own non-US computer, please follow the instructions below. This limitation will corrected in the next version of the SeaTag software suite. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Setting your computer for the 'English (United States)' regional setting

This setting will prompt your computer to format the Argos raw archival data log .csv files and SeaTag decoded archival data log .csv files in a format that is understood by SeaTrack. Specifically, the .csv files will use a decimal point (rather than comma), the field delimiter will be a comma (rather than semicolon) and the data format will be U.S. style. To configure your computer, go to the Control Panel and then select Regional Settings. In the Format drop-down menu, select English (United States).

Recommended processing chain for your Argos data

The recommended processing chain is that you use SeaWatch to download and decode your Argos data automatically, then generate position tracks using SeaTrack. This method is automated (SeaWatch checks for and downloads new data from Argos once per hour) and produces consistent results in a single raw (Argos log) and a single decoded (SeaTag log) file for each tag. Manual data download from the Argos web site followed by data decoding using SeaDock is no longer recommended due to user setting specific variations in the Argos file format and the difficulty of splicing a number of downloaded files obtained over a period of time. The feature will be discontinued in the next version of SeaDock.

Note that the SeaTag software has been validated for Windows 7 and Windows 8 only. While Windows XP likely works, SeaTag software is no longer tested on XP due to discontinuation of XP by Microsoft. Other versions of Windows or Parallels for Apple computers have not been tested and are not supported.

Re-Processing existing SeaWatch collected data with 'English (United States)' regional settings

If you have collected Argos data via SeaWatch using non-US settings, it will be necessary to re-process the data in order to obtain a format that will be accepted by SeaTrack and is properly interpreted by Excel. Such re-processing is possible because SeaWatch stores all collected data in an archive. This is the .ZIP file for each tag in the Archive folder. To re-process the data, follow this procedure.

  • Change your computer to the 'English (United States)' regional setting as described above.

  • Shut down the SeaWatch process by right clicking the SeaWatch icon in the task bar or the bin in the bottom right corner of your Windows screen.

  • Start SeaWatch again. You will find it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Desert Star Systems\SeaWatch\Debug. SeaWatch will now use the new regional settings.

  • In the SeaWatch Config window, select all tags and then click on Update Selected Platforms. All .csv output files will now be re-created with the new (SeaTrack compatible) regional settings.