SeaTag-4K & 6K

Price List

Standard Pricing

ST-4K (4000m)

SeaTag-4K tag incl. ST-GOLD 4000 m depth limit 'standard' replacement policy (see terms below)


ST-6K (6000m)

SeaTag-6K tag incl. ST-GOLD 6000 m depth limit 'comprehensive' replacement policy (see terms below)



Replacement 1/2 AA battery & release section



Replacement AA battery & release section



Required with initial purchase.

The SeaTag docking station starter kit is a single, one-time purchase which is for the SeaTag software, a Windows PC with the software installed and tested, the physical docking station to connect tags to the PC, release sections for testing, and a Pelican case with custom foam inserts.


Please refer to the ST-MOD pricelist for accessory pricing.

ST-GOLD Tag Replacement Policy Options

4K policy: The crush depth release is set to 4000m, limiting the pressure exposure. This policy option provides a replacement tag if the tag is not reporting, is minimally reporting (< 100 messages received), if no archival messages are received (memory failure) or if the depth sensor is defective. Use this policy is 4000m diving depth is sufficient and the main tagging goal is vertical habitat evaluation.

6K policy: The crush depth release is set to 6000m, extending the pressure exposure to this higher limit. In addition to the 4K replacement conditions and the higher crush depth setting, this policy also provides a replacement if the magnetometer fails.  The magnetometer is used for migratory track estimation within or beyond the reach of light by the CLS Track&Loc service.  Use this policy for deep ocean studies beyond 4000m depth and migratory studies.

Desert Star Systems Terms of Sale

  1. Desert Star System's general terms of sale are specified by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), supplemented by the following conditions and the warranty statements. Where Desert Star Systems terms of sale are in conflict with UCC, Desert Star Systems terms apply.

  2. At times an advance payment either partially or in full is required for large orders. In these circumstances, no portion of this payment is refundable.

  3. On orders with Net 30 terms, a return is acceptable for 30-days following delivery only if a shipped product is non- conforming within Desert Star Systems’ specification. In addition a return must first be arranged with Desert Star Systems. Payment constitutes acceptance of product and no return is available thereafter.

  4. Desert Star Systems warranty applies (see below). A warranty claim requires that the product is returned to Desert Star Systems. Therefore, warranty is not available for devices deployed or lost at sea unless the device is recovered and returned to Desert Star Systems.

  5. In order to support best success with our products, Desert Star Systems provides a number of resources, support and recommended techniques. We emphasize your use of these resources to optimize results with our products:

    1. Desert Star Systems guarantees only minimal specifications, and instead relies on the publication of measured performance data in the knowledge base, application notes and other documents. Please evaluate this data to estimate suitability for your application. Please contact Desert Star Systems for any additional performance data.

    2. Desert Star Systems provides on-site training and support. This is highly recommended to optimize the system performance and shorten the learning curve.

    3. Please evaluate our products through a small initial purchase before following up with a large scale purchase. Please be aware that large scale orders in general require an advance payment in consideration of the discount, and that this advance payment is non-refundable. In addition, be aware of any lead time expectancies when placing a larger quantity order.

    4. Operations should follow a ramp-up schedule of lab/pool testing, followed by testing in a controlled ocean environment (harbor testing), and then followed by the full deployment. The goal is to identify any problems or technology limitations at the earliest possible stage, when there is a maximum level of control and an ability to correct such problems.

    5. Desert Star Systems return policy and warranty specifically excludes return or warranty claim on account of suitability for purpose. Suitability for purpose is out of Desert Star Systems’ control. Please use a product evaluation based on the above recommended resources and techniques to establish suitability for purpose prior to any purchase.

Warranty Statement

Desert Star Systems (“Seller”) warrants hardware products of its manufacture to be free from defects in design, workmanship and material under normal and proper use and service until the tag is deployed on the animal or up to one year following delivery to Buyer (whichever comes first). Seller agrees to repair or replace at the place of manufacture, without charge except shipping charges, all parts of said products which are returned, for Seller’s inspection, to its factory within the warranty period, provided such inspection discloses that the defects are as above described and provided also that the equipment has not been altered or repaired other than with Seller’s authorization and by its approved procedures, subjected to misuse, improper maintenance, negligence, or accident, damaged or had its serial number or any other part thereof altered, defaced or removed. Software is warranted to conform to Seller’s Software Product Description applicable at the time of shipment to the Buyer. Seller’s sole responsibility hereunder shall be to remedy any non-conformance of software to the Software Product Description during the one-year period following delivery.

Special Replacement Policy for SeaTag-4K and 6K Covering Tag Performance & Damage

In addition to this warranty, and in consideration of the little known risks of extreme depth research, SeaTag-4K and 6K are always covered by a ST-GOLD policy. This provides replacement in the event of tag non-reporting, minimal reporting or certain (but not all) defects arising from use at sea.


Liability Disclaimer

By purchasing or using any Desert Star Systems product, it is agreed and understood that in no event will Desert Star Systems or any of its representatives be held liable for any personal injuries or death or damages to property resulting from its operation, or for any other damages whether direct, indirect, or consequential even if Desert Star Systems has been advised of such actual or potential damages. Desert Star Systems science products are authorized for use only by properly trained scientists and technicians, and are NOT intended for general consumer use. The user must understand that the products are liable to sudden failure, including for example with SeaTag the premature firing of its energetic release mechanism. Marine activities are inherently dangerous. Proper safety procedures demand that the equipment user never rely solely on any single instrument, method or mechanism for his/her safety or the safety of property.

SeaTag Return & Refund Policy for SeaTag 4K and 6K

  1. SeaTag 4K and 6K are specialty devices, built to order.  Returns are not accepted, and a 'start work' payment is generally due.  

Notice to U.S. Government Buyers 

The equipment listed in this price schedule has been developed under phases 1 and 2 the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program. Under DoD rules, the dual competition of the SBIR program satisfies the requirements of the Competition in Contracting Act (CICA). Thus, contracts for product delivery or follow-on research may be awarded on a sole-source basis, without the need for further competition. The contracting officer should establish, through consultation with the prospective COTR for the proposed contract as well as the COTR on the SBIR project whether the proposed follow-on R&D or production work meets the statutory criteria for ‘SBIR Phase III’.