Label Information

SeaTag Label Information Request

Each SeaTag device is affixed with a label once ready to ship. The label has some internal Desert Star information (ie: tag’s serial number), but there is also space for your contact information. Please submit this information along with your purchase order so that there are no delays prior to shipping. Below are the character limitations and a few examples.

Please email your label information and sales order # to

Note: We can fit more characters on each line (for long email addresses); however, keep in mind that does effect the overall text size and may become hard to read.

Character Limitations

1st Line: 25 characters

2nd Line: 26 characters

3rd Line: 20 characters 


$$ REWARD IF FOUND (18 characters) (20 characters)

Ph#: 831-384-8000 (17 characters)

Experiment in Progress (22 characters) (25 characters)

831-384-8000 x118 (17 characters)

Desert Star Systems (19 characters) (24 characters)

SeaTag-MOD SN:216 (17 characters)