Technical Specifications

 Last Update: November 2012

Size Information
Tag with no float, and no release. 132mm L x 
Tag with low-drag float, and no release. 175mm L x 25mm D (tube) x 54mm D (max. width float)
Addition length with no battery release section (ST-MR) 25mm
Additional length with 1/2 AA battery & release (ST-MRPS) 55mm
Additional length with AA battery & release (ST-MRPL) 100mm


Weight Information
Tag with no float, and no release 82g
Tag with low-drag float and no release 108g
Tag with bulb float and no release 108g
Additional weight with no-battery release section (ST-MR) 21g
Additional weight with 1/2 AA battery & release (ST-MRPS) 37g
Additional weight with AA battery & release (ST-MRPL) 55g
        Miscellaneous Information
        Power Supply Stored solar power with optional battery sections
        Sensors Three axis precision magnetometer, 15 nT resolution (aprox. 0.03% of earth field)
        Solar power panel doubling as large-surface light sensor
        Temperatur sensor, 0.00ºC resolution 
        Precision calibrated lock
        Three-axis accelerometer 
        Pressure sensor options:
        —2000m max depth, 0.15m resolution

        —500m max depth, 0.04m resolution

        Memory micro-SD card, 2GB standard, higher capacity optional
        Data Interface Through connector end-cap (USB-TTL Serial)
        Op. Temp. Range -20ºC to +50ºC (sensor accuracy may be reduced at temperature extremes)
        Depth Rating Design tested to 2000m (3000psi)

         Important Notes

        1. Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

        2. Sizes and weights are approximate and may vary due to manufacturing tolerance or component changes.

        3. Absolute accuracy of sensor, power consumption, generation rates, and the like are complex and in many cases dependent on operating conditions.  Instead of guaranteeing any specific accuracy or results, we conduct lab and field measurements and publish he data as it is for your review.  Please see these information sources:

          1. The SeaTag section of our knowledge base, contains various application notes and data sets providing field and lab performance measurements.

          2. A 'Calibration Report' is stored on each tag and is available through the SeaDock software

          3. A 'Sensor Test' function in SeaDock allows for instantaneous testing of your tags sensor functionality.