Performance Report

 The linked spreadsheet contains a summary of outcomes with SeaTag tagging. At this time it contains the outcomes of only a limited number of deployments for which we have data. Individual studies are identified by a number. If you wish to contact the researcher, please contact Desert Star and we will connect you. You are also encouraged to submit your own data, which will be added to the report. We will publish a reporting form for this purpose shortly.

Coming soon!

The report follows the general format of reporting in the journal article 'Performance of Pop-Up Satellite Archival Tags' by Mike Musyl, Table 1 (see attached). However, we added additional columns including for tagging hardware used. We contacted Mike Musyl to discuss the definition and requirements of the 'tag reporting' standard, which his report and our table defines as follows:

  1. The performance of a tag must have been established prior to deployment through a test transmission.

  2. Only transmissions dated after the day of tagging are considered.

  3. To be considered 'reporting', a tag must have yielded at least one valid Argos position fix of any class. Messages without associated position fixes are not considered to meet the 'reporting' standard.