Small Solar Powered Argos Satellite Tag for Sea Turtles

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Product Description

SeaTag-Turtle Tag (or SeaTag-TT for short) came out of a requirement from the turtle tag community for new, innovative technologies that address tracking the life cycle of turtles and not just adults. This project was funded as a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Phase III SBIR Contract to “design, produce and participate in testing of a small solar powered Argos satellite tag for sea turtles.”

Unlike those bulky battery powered tags, SeaTag-TT devices do not have a lifetime. You don’t need to worry about activating them, sticking them in the freezer to prolong life, or concern yourself with duty cycles!

SeaTag-TT uses the latest in solar harvesting technology. Tags collect power from the sun at twice the vertical visibility, recharge their internal capacitors, and fire off Argos transmissions approximately once every two minutes. With exception of UV exposure and physical damage, these tags will last the turtle’s lifetime…and longer.

The project spawned the development of three designs for our small Argos PTT:

  • A long skinny design for the lowest drag of any tag

  • A shorter stubbier design for the smaller footprint but still low drag

  • A small oval shape for the smallest footprint of any PTT*

*This is the most common purchased design.


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Key Characteristics 

  • Duty Cycle: None! Tags can transmit between 50-70 messages through the Argos system per day while on land and less when not. They transmit approximately once every 2 minutes, dependent on light levels.

  • Composition: housed in our unique form fitting tube which has natural anti-foulant properties but can easily be painted over with Propspeed clear coat for added protection

  • Mounting: can be epoxied to the backs of animals or attached with other mounting hardware

  • Weight: between 20-30g depending on the design Sizes: 68-100mm long, 14-20mm in diameter

  • Cost: between $500-1,500 each depending on quantities purchased.

Technology Readiness Level


Corresponding DoD TRL: 1-5

Description: This product is currently in-development and generally not available for purchase. We are currently accepting inquiries for this product.