Superior Technology and Market Enabling Economics 

 Desert Star Technology is specifically optimized for the new demands of the emerging oceanic mass markets. Enabled by economies of scale provided by a modular technology base that underpins a broad product line, our products generally cost much less than the competition yet exhibit industry leading performance.

You can access this technology in many forms. Beyond instant purchasing and fast delivery from our web site, request a quotation for volume discounts. Or you can consider licensing a capability that is optimized for your needs. As a U.S. Federal buyer, benefit from the fact that our technology already has competed through the SBIR program, allowing you to place orders under the SBIR Phase-3 provisions quickly and efficiently without any further competitive bidding.

This page provides a few illustrative examples. Contact us any time to discuss your particular requirements!

Technology Licensing

Desert Star products are generally available for licensing and OEM sales. Licensing arrangements are flexible, and offer multiple advantages:

Quickly broaden the market potential of your product or optimize for a specific application by adding a Desert Star capability. Compared to in-house development save development time, costs and risk while benefiting from Desert Star’s ongoing R&D program to keep technologies up to date for the long haul.

Benefit from Desert Star’s capabilities to set up and tune your own manufacturing line.

Desert Star's SBIR Success

An Advantage to Your Organization

Most of Desert Star’s product line originates with the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and related STTR program. Today, the bulk of our company’s revenue is derived from these products: Our underwater positioning systems, the SeaTag line of wildlife tags, the FrogEye reconnaissance camera system and the SharkEye underwater monitoring camera system.

SBIR and STTR are highly competitive three-phase technology development programs of the U.S. Federal Government. Our technology’s SBIR origins can benefit you:

For federal government buyers : The dual (phase-1 and phase-2) competitions of the SBIR program satisfy the requirements of the Competition in Contracting Act (CICA). Our SBIR products and related services can be purchased without further competition by declaring the purchase as a SBIR Phase-3 contract; speeding procurement.

Technology licensees and OEM: The SBIR non-compete rights also transfer to licensees and OEM buyers of our technology. The government may buy these products and services from you without further competition under the SBIR phase-3 rules

For government customers seeking new product development: All federal agencies that conduct research also participate in the SBIR program, providing a potential funding source for your project. While SBIR solicitation rules vary by agency, we can generally assist you in the authoring of a SBIR topic.

Technology Licensees 

 Shark Marine

Shark Marine uses highly integrated AquaMap technology in their Navigator diver console used by many militaries. AquaMap provides divers with an accurate and reliable mapping capability for critical tasks such as mine sweeps, and without the position drift incurred buy inertial navigation systems.

Seamor Marine

Seamor Marine integrated both Pilot and AquaMap into their ROV. The system can be switched between entirely boat-based short basline (SBL) and seafloor referenced long baseline (LBL) mode. This provides the operators with an appropriate tool for all phases from a quick initial site inspection to surveys with a redundant baseline array. The equipment yields precise positions and stated position errors that can stand up as evidence in court.

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.


 Teknologic integrated the SAM-1 acoustic modem into their Joint Salmon Tracking Systems (JSATS) fish pinger monitoring station to check on device status and read the fish identification log from a boat without recovering the device.