Tether Swivel Attachment

analysis and recommendations

Materials & Tools:

  • 150lbs Twist Weld wire cut to size

  • 2x ~80lbs SS Split Ring size 6

  • Hallprint SS Dart head & tether assembly.

  • 1x 250lbs SS Blackened Ball Bearing Swivel

  • Heavy duty wire cutters.

Attaching to PSAT:

  1. Cut the wire leaving approximately 6 inches more wire in excess of desired finish length of the leader.

  2. Form a loop (loop through nosecone of PSAT) being sure to cross the free end over the top and pinch it with your fingers.

  3. Wrap the free end in a long spiral 6 to 8 times around the main leader wire, squeezing the two together every half wrap.

  4. Cut off excess end. Use a match or flame briefly over the entire wrapping area until the nylon coating flows and fuse welds together. DO NOT burn the nylon completely off the wire. If the nylon coating starts to flame, blow it out since you have sufficiently melted the coating.

  5. You now have a strong complete bond.

  6. Loop SS split ring in front end (if swivel does not come with SS split rings attached).

  7. Loop both the dart leads and Nose cone leads onto the swivel rings.

Note: All parts must be stainless steel to prevent dissimilar metal galvanization. If rings on swivel are not SS split rings they must be removed and replace with correct pieces.